I am very displeased with the vendor I chose to order Lance and Landon from. I am also displeased with FedEx and UPS who delivered both of them damaged. The communication with my vendor was excellent until after I had placed my order, and then the communication seemed to drop, especially when issues came up.
I have been working on finishing school, getting the kiddo ready for the upcoming school year, a complete re-do of the blog and of course working on some awesome photo shoots with my new camera!
Landon, my third WM 160 cm male, # 207 head in the medium/light tan skin tone with brown factory eyes. Right now he and Lance share a body, interchanging heads when needed. Landon may possibly get some green, gray and red eyes in the future. I am also considering giving him sideburns like Larry's.
Lance, my second WM 160 cm male, # 207 head with the medium/light tan skin tone and light blue factory eyes.
Larry, my first WM 160 cm male, # 207 head in fair skin tone with MannequinFan Easy Move Eyes, custom implanted sideburns and eyebrows, magnetic eyelashes, and kohl eyeliner five o'clock shadow.